Shocking Life–Sex: Investigative Report on the Adult Film Industry

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Shocking Life–Sex: Adult Film Industry
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In this Episode: Tackling the subject of Korean sexuality, the investigative team explores condom marches, “The Pet Boys,” taboo sexual practices, and fetishes. The team delves into the adult film industry and uncovers areas where sex is sought in this racy examination of sex in Korea.

Shocking Life – Sex (N/A)

:: Due to mature content, viewer discretion is advised. ::

The SHOCKING LIFE: Sex documentary series takes you undercover to the uninhibited back streets and dark alleys of Korea. Meet the Pet Guys, young men trapped in a cycle of money and sexual servitude to “sugar mamas.” Take a look at the unglamorous side behind the camera in the Korean adult film industry. Learn more about the disturbing trend of alcohol and promiscuity with “wasted chicks.” Take a ride on the bus with swinging couples on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell trips. Take heed of the dangerous use of sex drugs with aphrodisiac traps and female sex stimulants. Meanwhile, an increasing positive trend in Korea is safe sex. See how people are becoming more responsible with the condom march. And the SHOCKING LIFE investigative team takes a trip to Japan to find out what happens at “kiss bars” and other kinky rendezvous in Shinjuku, Japan.

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